A conservation enterprise
We believe in providing an enriching stay as well as in developing local communities. From recycling and reducing our carbon footprint to organic farming and tiger conservation, our vision is to live in harmony with nature. Experience a beautiful life, far from the madding crowd.


Whether it is conserving the forest, protecting the tiger, organic farming or terracotta products by village kumhars (clay potters), Belavida Wild is an exploration of the balance between bountiful forest and traditional living. Get your hands dirty by helping us with our harvests, reel in some fish, experience jungle safari and nature walks, eat produce grown on our farm, drink cows’ milk and take some goods back home as a gift.

The Organic oomph

You will realise the difference with your first bite. It’s farm fresh with no chemical fertilisers or pesticides being used. Tour our acres of agricultural land, and participate in sowing or harvesting the produce if it pricks your interest. Get a crash course on composting and new methods of agriculture.

When cows come home

Be ready to experience grandmother’s tales of cows’ milk - the pure thickness of it, the heavenly ghee and butter from it. Watch those from the community churn milk into chaas in earthen pots and wooden sticks. Carry back home a gift from the farm for being a part of the community.

Taking the bait

For all those fishing enthusiast we have a lovely little spot for you. You can hook to your heart’s content and chat with the locals about everything fishy. They may even share secrets of the local cuisine there.

Being Mowgli

Take a guided safari to the land of the tigers, or simply walk around the property. With rivers flowing across and trees everywhere, let us tell you about the various magnificent species. We will give you a peak into the secrets of nature surrounding us and let you in on the laws of the jungle.

Live-together relationship

Community development is a major part of our outreach program. Not only are we trying to introduce education among tribals but also encourage local art and craft by inducting them into farm production. From the thatched roofs to terracotta plates, it is all their doing.

Tiger, tiger burning bright

The tiger has been saved from extinction but lives on the edge because the land that we have in the jungle is not ample to house a growing population of the majestic tiger. What we have to find is building an ecology for the tiger to survive in the territory it has. It would mean providing it enough food, water, within. We believe in protecting the wildlife from being hunted by humans and the forests being maintained. So we sit guard at the edge of the jungle.

Media soup for the soul

Being developed by international journalist Rohit Gandhi, you can expect some intriguing stories out of Corbett. The idea is to talk about crucial issues – tiger conservation, poachers and tree pirates, soil erosion, disappearing traditions, man and nature conflict – from the heart of it all.

Cowboy camping

Set up your tent on our fields. After the camp has been set up, test your aim at the air-gun firing range and get your riding boots on. Ride with our two majestic Arabian horses, tend to them or watch them gallop at dusk.